• CCTV systems
  • Constant/motion record
  • Video/audio record
  • Day/night vision cameras
  • 4/8/16 cameras systems
  • CCTV integration into current TV system
  • View on local/home PC network
  • View on World Wide Web
  • View on compatible smart-phones
  • (Android, I phone & some Windows Phones)



 Typical Layout/UI (user interface) of our CCTV  monitoring software and facilities



Austin's CCTV Services & Installations

Based in Horsham, West Sussex. Paul Austin @ Austin's has been installing/servicing aerials
& satellite systems for over 25 years (Austin's www.austins.tv). 

Austin's are proud and trusted members of:
Trading Standards (Buy with Confidence scheme)
The Confederation of Aerial Industries (CAI)
Federation of Small Businesses

£5,000,000 (million) public liability insurance

Typical Installations that we provide:

Installation systems comprising one or multiple cameras for observation & security. Discreet and obvious camera locations are available. Audio combines into CCTV DVR (digital video recorder). This records onto the internal HD (hard drive) so as to allow full weekly/monthly playback (depends on HD size/camera/audio feeds). Data connection to broadband/Internet/home LAN (Local Area Network , your home PC network) allows simplistic view/control over home PC systems or even the world wide web!


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